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Understanding online performance and your key user groups

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Understanding your visitor segments

University and college web and marketing departments can face some unique challenges.

For example, you may not have full control of the website content - different departments and faculties may employ different approaches online. Or, the website may be burdened with a structure that reflects that of the organisation - not the needs of the user.

Highland Business Research works with Higher Education and Further Education institutions to help them get more results from their marketing and web expenditure.

Universities and colleges are also faced with meeting the contrasting needs of highly diverse users groups: from existing staff and students, to prospective students, researchers, donors and alumni. We help you identify and improve communication with high value user segments.

In this challenging and highly competitive environment:

  • How do you know where to best focus your marketing budget and better invest in your online presence?
  • You may need to understand which user groups visit your site - and why.
  • How does your website and marketing activity fits into the overall recruitment process – does the user experience stand up well against the competition?
  • Your objectives may be to attract fewer applicants, but from the right candidates.
  • Perhaps you need to convince internal stakeholders about the importance of your online activity and gain faculty/department buy-in to a more user-centric approach,
  • Or test changes to the site before making further investments.
  • You may even be looking to get more impact from the web analytics and other online services that you already have.

Highland Business Research helps you understand and improve user experience, so that marketing, fundraising and recruitment opportunities are maximised. We help you to identify your online strengths and weaknesses and recommend the tactics to tackle gaps. Because we understand that there can be challenges in being heard within a complex organisation, we'll also help you promote internal understanding with accessible training workshops and tactical results briefings.

Answers, insight, action

The university and college focussed services Highland Business Research offers include:

  • Web analysis of your existing data
  • Web analytics training and set-up optimisation
  • Google Analytics and Nedstat's Sitestat workshops
  • User testing and hands on research with key student and stakeholder groups
  • Website visitor research, surveys and analysis
  • Online visibility comparisons with key competitor institutes
  • Identification and analysis of high value market segments
  • Strategic development recommendations
  • Internal championing on the online channel

Amongst our recent clients are:

  • Durham University (Read the case study)
  • University of Glasgow
  • University of Guelph
  • UHI Millennium Institute
  • University of Aberdeen
  • Glyndŵr University

Highland Business Research has also been involved in the development of web analytics CPD courses for the University of British Columbia (vith the Web Analytics Association) and in developing eMarketing and web analytics CPD modules for UHI Millennium Institute.

What are your questions and challenges?

When it comes to understanding prospective students, researchers, staff or donors, every academic institution has its own unique questions and challenges. We'd like to hear yours. If you need assistance evaluating how our services might be of most assistance to you, please contact us or call on (44) 01463 729314.