Actioning visitor feedback
Monitoring, analysing and acting on comments and reviews

Turning visitor feedback into strategy and revenue

understanding visitor feedback

Highland Business Research delivers actionable tourism and travel insight from online and offline customer feedback and reviews.

  • Do you understand what people are saying about you online – and how to react?
  • Are you spending more time collecting visitor comments than analysing or acting on them?
  • Do you wish you knew how your satisfaction ratings compare to others in your sector?
  • Are you able to transform your online and offline customer feedback into a prioritised action plan?

Tourism and hospitality businesses have long been urged to use customer comment cards and visitor feedback surveys. And they are a mandatory element of many hospitality quality assurance schemes.

But now, your guests are just as like to share their views online with many other potential visitors – via sites like Tripadvisor, IgoUgo and Flickr.

Your prospects may hear about problems before you do.

Getting actionable insight from customer feedback and research

Visitor feedback –whether via comment cards or on Tripadvisor - can provide important guidance on operational priorities and give insight into the needs and priorities of your customers.

But feedback and satisfaction scoring is useful only if effectively analysed (as opposed to simply being inputted, or worse still, sitting on a shelf).

Systematically analysing customer comments and other feedback allows a business to identifying quick fixes and strategically prioritise developments. It also allows you to trend your effectiveness over time and target action to specific departments. It can even be used to compare performance across multiple properties and destinations.

Ultimately, useful analysis is tied to measuring what matters to your business and what is actionable. Highland Business Research works closely with our tourism and hospitality clients to ensure that visitor feedback is continually contributing to the business bottom line.

How can we help your business?

By analysing, interpreting and consolidating customer feedback into a manageable and easy to understand format, we free you up from drowning in data, so that you can start seeing the business benefits from the powerful information you hold.

We can work with you to:

understanding visitor feedback
  • Compile, analyse and interpret your offline and online feedback
  • Build in alert triggers and trending data, so you can assess performance over time
  • Provide clear reporting dashboards you can share with staff – and visitors
  • Highlight the priorities for action, based on your specific business goals
  • Identify high value, or potentially dissatisfied, customer segments
  • Use your data for forward planning, not just looking back
  • Help you identify product perceptions, strengths and weaknesses
  • Benchmark performance across multiple businesses and destinations

We provide you with the evidence, insight and clear reporting the meet your organisation's specific needs.

As always, the focus of our analysis and reporting is to support your tactical decision making, to help improve business performance and customer experience.

To find out how our online and offline feedback analysis services might be of assistance to you, please contact Stephen Budd or call on (44) 01463 729314.