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Get more from Google Analytics with custom training

Are you getting as much action from your Google Analytics data as you could?

Google Analytics goals

Have you taken Google Analytics out of default and customised it to your specific needs? Is it driving the day to day decisions you make about your website and marketing strategy?

Are you able to identify how your non transactional website contributes financially to the organisation? Or prove that your marketing campaigns are working? Even leverage the share of budget you deserve?

Learn how to prove the value of your emarketing

A little targeted Google Analytics training will help you turn web analysis into a tool that can turbo-charge your web content and marketing activity.

Google Analytics Authorised Consultant

It can also help you address internal accountability and prove to your finance director the value of your marketing activities - especially if you don't directly sell online.

The workshop format - centred round you

Our practical, tailored half day or full day group web analytics workshops are typically delivered onsite at our clients' premises. We dive into your data, from your Google Analytics account and discuss the challenges you are facing. By bringing the whole team round the table, you get a chance to learn from your colleagues and understand their challenges too.

The workshops are specifically tailored to the specific needs and goals of the participants and the client. But generally the sessions encompass some or all of the following:

  • Examination of what is important to measure and why, as well as the different terminology you will encounter
  • A focus throughout on the "so what?" factor - how can this information drive action in your organisation?
  • A live walkthrough and deep dive into Google Analytics for demonstration and question answering purposes
  • Discussion of tips and common pitfalls associated with web analysis and reporting
  • Demonstration of using Google Analytics for advanced exploring and segmenting of web user behaviour
  • Measuring marketing campaigns
  • Discussion of the importance of goals, choosing KPIs and what different success indicators may be useful in different contexts
  • Letting the results talk - reporting, proving value and lobbying for share of budget

Our clients frequently opt to have a general Google Analytics and online measurement workshop in the morning, which includes the whole marketing and web team, then a more technical session in the afternoon, focussing on the more advanced aspects of Google Analytics.

What do you need to know to get your analytics really working hard?

But our workshops are specifically customised to your needs, questions and circumstances. Tell us about your challenges in making real decisions based on web analytics data and we will be happy to propose a training workshop that will help you and your team address those issues. Please contact Vicky Brock, Head of Web Analytics or call on (44) 01463 729314. Demand for our workshops is extremely high, so please do tell us the timeframe you are looking at, so we can endeavour to pencil you in a date.

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