Online travel insight
Travel 2.0 and e-tourism research and analytics

The online channel is now dominant in travel and tourism

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The Internet is no longer the new kid on the block in terms of travel research and planning - it is absolutely mainstream amongst travellers of all ages and backgrounds. Even those who book offline are likely to have used the Internet to formulate their plans. (See our Tracking Tourism article for more).

Are you able to tap into existing social networks of potential visitors online, to ensure your marketing efforts are both more effective and extensive?

Do you know:

  • How people are finding you online?
  • The factors that are influencing tourists research and conversion decisions?
  • The propensity of your target market segments to research and book online?
  • The ability of the suppliers in your destination to meet the increasingly sophisticated expectations of visitors?
  • Whether your social media, paid search and online marketing activity is working?

Understanding visitor behaviour online

Methods Highland Business Research utilise in our Travel 2.0 and e tourism research include:

  • Consumer and supplier behaviour research
  • Website measurement and online campaign analysis
  • Competitor destination and trends research
  • Online social network analysis
  • Destination and supplier readiness research
  • Consolidation, analysis and insight from online comments and feedback

From ground-breaking research like our recent online social network analysis of the Scottish Diaspora worldwide, advanced web analytics, through to tourism e-business surveys and online visitor feedback analysis, Highland Business Research is focussed on meeting the intelligence requirements of the modern travel and tourism industry.

What are your critical questions?

Whether you are looking to improve online competitiveness, identify new prospects or transform marketing and communication strategies, your unique circumstances will drive the questions you have and the insight you require.

To discuss the questions you are trying to solve, please contact Stephen Budd or call on (44) 01463 729314.

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