Website analytics insight and action
Moving from guess work to an informed emarketing strategy

Do you know the "who, how and why?" of your website users?

Understanding your website visitors

Need to understand what is occurring on the website now so that you can plan for improvements in the near future? Want to get more from your analytics tool, or understand the context of how your emarketing activity is performing?

Whether you are planning website redevelopment, need to get more demonstrable results from your web marketing - or simply feel that you don't have all the evidence you need, we can help.

Highland Business Research uses customer analytics to help clients understand who is using their website and why. We use site analysis to identify issues with search engine optimisation, poor content and mismatches between the vocabulary visitors use and the way the organisation describes itself.

Critically, we also talk directly to website visitors to understand their perspective.

You can benefit from our highly experienced expert eye. As we bring wider context to your data, you can discover whether you have areas of significant under performance compared to others in your field.

We can help you turn "interesting" data into hard evidence you can act on, through one-off or regular website and marketing analytics.

Web analytics packages

We are always happy to produce custom analytics proposals based on your specific needs. But to make things simpler for you, here are some of our most popular analytics packages.

The current "State Of The Nation" - The Web Analytics View

The web analytics view uses your existing web analytics data to report on what behaviour is currently occurring on the website and how the site is performing in terms of:

  • Search key terms and visibility
  • Acquisition of new visitors as well as the activity of existing ones
  • Navigational behaviour
  • Goal conversion
  • Geographic distribution of visitors
  • How specific content on the site is performing
  • Distribution and behaviour of specific user groups

Reporting is pertinent, short and actionable. It highlights the priorities for improvement, critical fixes and opportunities to improve revenue. Analysis is accompanied by a face to face or telephone/webcam briefing from a senior analyst.

Prices start at £2,500 and depend on the complexity of site and the analytics tools in place.

The Web Analytics View is often used by our clients as the starting point for a program of regular reporting and analytics.

User testing with students

The Visitor View

Web analytics data tells you what is going on, but only direct visitor contact can tell you why.

The visitor view involves face to face contact with representative site users and works through critical tasks with them to understand not only how they behave on the site, but why.

The approach also using online surveying techniques to explore the thinking behind visitor behaviour and looks at the broader information gathering process, including the hierarchy of visitor needs and their associated sources of information.

Prices vary according to project goals and site complexity, but typically start at £7,000

Google Analytics Optimisation

Most of the businesses using Google Analytics are missing out on its most valuable functionality by sticking with the default set-up.

But if you're using Google Analytics and haven't yet customised the set up, your goals, the filters and created multiple snapshots of site from different angles- you're operating on just a fraction of the power available to you. Not only that, but you're not getting the clearest view of what is really happening on your website.

Google Analytics lets you customise it from being a broad "one size fits all tool" to being sharply focussed on the specific needs of your site. This set-up optimisation process delivers just that – even for the most complex of sites.

A telephone briefing with a senior analyst is included to discuss site goals, target user groups, internal stakeholders and other critical information. A follow up telephone or webcam walkthrough of the newly optimised reporting is also included.

Bonus audio downloads are included free to help inform your decisions about choosing your website's goals.

Prices start at £500 and depend on complexity of site

The Sector View

Looking at trends in your sector

The fact is, even your best prospects spend more time on other sites than they do yours. It is crucial to understand whether the trends affecting your website are typical - or not - of the competitive field in which you operate.

The sector view looks at what other same sector websites your users typically look at, how these compare in terms of performance and whether some of these sites represent not threats, but opportunities to drive more traffic to the site through strategic linking. The sector review also looks at best in field examples for consideration and potential benchmarking.

Prices start at £2,000 dependent on depth and scale of project.

What are your questions and challenges?

When it comes to non-ecommerce websites, every organisation is trying to answer its own unique questions – we'd like to hear yours. If you need assistance evaluating which of our products or custom services might be of most assistance to you, please contact us or call on (44) 01463 729314.