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Turbo-charge your company's web analytics awareness and understanding

Focussing on the people not the tools

Developing analytics people

Forget about your web analytics tool for a minute. Because it is just that - a tool just like a hammer or a screw driver. Smart decisions and valuable insights come from people - the tool helps you get the job done.

Sometimes the most effective way to turbo-charge acceptance and usage of analytics in an organisation is to forget about the measurement tools and focus on the really important things - people and questions.

Questions like - why does our site exist? What does success look like? What do we want people to do? Who are we targeting really? How do we get internal stakeholders to buy-in to the online channel?

This is the hard part of web analytics - the part your web analytics vendor can't do for you.

What are you finding most difficult right now?

Unlike our Google Analytics workshops, our turbo-charging sessions are purely about critical thinking, buy-in and internal advocacy. Asking great questions, finding great answers then sharing those answers with the people who will make critical decisions based on them.

Bringing key stakeholders round the table together, our tailored half day or 1 day facilitated group sessions are typically delivered onsite at our clients' premises.

The facilitated workshops are specifically tailored to address your organisation's specific questions, needs and challenges - and to help you develop a series of next steps.

For example, the turbo-charging sessions may explore:

  • Moving from an organisation focused site, to a user focused site
  • Who is the site for, what are their needs and does this site deliver on that?
  • Spelling out the key concepts and thinking behind the web strategy
  • Identifying website goals, action-triggers and key performance indicators
  • Internal advocacy and gaining buy-in for online marketing activity
  • What should be reported to whom - and how do we get people to take notice?

How can we help you kick start your analytics?

Tell us what your organisation is struggling with right now and we will be happy to propose a turbo-charging workshop to meet your needs. Please contact Vicky Brock, Head of Web Analytics or call on (44) 01463 729314.

Demand for our workshops is extremely high, with sessions being delivered in the UK, USA and Canada. So please do tell us the timeframe you are looking at, so we can endeavour to pencil you in a date.

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